2200+ players looking for home

Ahoy there everyone.

My long time arena mate and I are looking for a new home, our server is dead. We were the only 2200 players on horde side all of Cata, and mists is worse so far =(

He is an arena master disc priest with 2500 exp
I've been 2200 on 3 classes, I want to move this guy over and dust off ele since it is looking good again. I've been 2200 on lock and priest, but looking to xfer my shammy mainly.

Ideally we'd like to run disc/ele/boomy, but a great lock or rogue or DK or mage or even hunter would work.

I noticed you guys are tops of the ladders on this BG, just trying to feel out the community and see if there are some good pvp guilds and good 2k+ players.

Thanks in advance!
Most of the good PvP guilds on sargeras are on the Alliance. Since Alliance outnumber the Horde like 5 to 1
Send me a message in game if you decide to transfer over, me and a friend of mine are leading an up and coming PvP and Raiding guild and we'd love to have a few members with experience like yours join the ranks.
Will do swigz.

Bump for more responses if able.

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