[H] Atonement - 10 man LFM 8/13H TOT

Updated 8/27/2013

Current Progression
Normal TOT: 12/12
Heroic TOT: 8/13

Atonement is looking for late night raiders for heroic progression. The core guild has been playing together for about 6 years, are all working adults and experienced players. We're always looking for good mature players along with social players to join our guild.

General Raid Times
Wed: 11pm-2am server
Sun: 10pm-1am server
Mon: 11pm-2am server

Please be at least ilvl 525+

We're looking for any exceptional players willing to progress for 5.4.

Player Qualities We Are Looking For
    Team Player -- Nothing is worse than not being able to bench a player for better raid composition, during progression.
    Fast Learner -- Ability to understand boss mechanics quickly is a huge plus.
    No Tunnel Vision -- DPS / Healing meter is great, but you're useless if you can't watch for that wipe mechanic.
    Good Internet -- It's understandable to have occasional "lag", but blaming each failure to "lag" gets very old as well.
    Perserverance -- Wiping is a necessary evil. Live it, love it, learn it.

Who To Contact
Send anyone in Atonement a whisper and ask for an officer. You can also contact Piplock or Malihkai via in-game mail / whisper for more information.

I will contact you tonight !
If you are still in search for a tank I would be interested in this. my battle tag is Bloodydemise#1786 if you wish to talk more in game.
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Above average dps with good raid awareness. I ranked in the top 250 in all 3 specs on most tier 15 bosses. I adapt well and if I have a problem with a boss I find a way to fix it. I want to be a part of a consistant group of 10 or 25 people that push the content. Not looking to fill out a 2 hour application but am open to a verbal interview. I am not just a raider but someone who likes playing. I have 10 level 90 toons that I could gear and raid with, some better than others. I am looking for raid times between 9pm and 2am server time.Links to my logs can be found at wowhereos.If interested my BT is Blud#1560.
external bump. friendly people, great players
Bump. I'm taking a short leave of absence due to RL, but the rest of the guild is rocking hard and getting ready to race in 5.4! Contact Malihkai and Pipmonk if you're interested.

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