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I have a 508 ilevel holy paladin that is looking for a new guild, I have been healing for about 5 years, I have raiding experience with every boss in every raid from all the expansions of TBC onwards, I am currently 11/12 ToT reg with attempts on Lei Shen, I'm looking for a guild that has/is past 10/12 reg minimum, Feel free to add my Btag if you'd like to talk more..

hey man we have a spot open for a paladin healer in the guild for core just message me on
Sorry im alliance :|

<The Cabal> on Froustmourne is a 25m Alliance Guild looking for a Holy Pally.
Currently 1/13 HM ToT
Our Raid Times are:
Wed 8-12
Thurs 8-12
Sun 8-12
Mon 8-12

You can add me (Chanelle#1414) if you are interested or you can apply directly on our website:
2/13HM 10 man looking for 1 healer for our core team.

raid times:
Wednesday: 7:30pm-10:30pm ST(GMT+10)
Saturday: 2pm-6pm ST(GMT+10)
Sunday: 2pm-6pm ST(GMT+10)

For more info add: Rachel#1517

www.wipesforsale.com for applications.
Ultimate is a 25m alliance guild on frostmourne that raids from 1130pm-230am Wed/Thurs/Mon. Progression is at 2/13HM 25M. If interested, kindly apply at www.ultimate-guild.com

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