[RP-PvP] Clan Stormfist: the Few, the Orc

Emerald Dream
Stormfist eh? *chuckles quietly* Your finest meet ours soon... Don't worry. Should be over quick. Ours are war veterans. Unless yer gonna do what you do best and try find peace before the fight. It'll be over even quicker that way.


There is nothing wrong with finding peaceful solutions that benefit both sides. Besides, the pursuit of the good life is what we should all strive for...fine wine, good food, soft beds, and floral baths with nice lavender scented oils that have a bit of sand in them to scrub the dirt out of the hair, and to exfoliate the skin.

Oh...and nice silk clothing...the Pandaren's are quite adept at silk...smooth, soft, and vibrant.

Mmmm...a hot bath sounds good right now.
The day was passing by quietly and Shoita was taking every opportunity to fill her bags with life saving herbs. She paused to lean on a nearby tree, taking in a deep breath. The wind was whipping the branches above her head and stirring the sweet smell of silkweek onto the air. On the horizon a dark cloud was racing across the sky. As it drew closer the wind picked up to a point of tearing leaves off the branches. *tink* *tink* Heavy, cold rain drops hit the top of her axe. *tink* *tink* The sky turned to darkness and the rain was falling almost harmoniously onto her chain mail . Shoita looked up at the sky and started laughing at the blackness "I wonder if this is what he meant by taking a shower?"
There's an important lesson ya all in Stormfist haven't learned yet. Yer Chief'll sell ya out ta make nice with Alliance. Get ready ta be slaves ta the humans. Go ask yer Chief. He'd sooner have a troll kill ya than come to yer defense.
You would be wise to watch your tongue Ashwalker, to question the honor of an Orc is no light thing to do.
*gives a sarcastic smirk* And if I don't you'll do what? *in a mocking tone* Fight? Defend his honor? Be patient. You'll get yer chance tomorrow if ya wanna get yer !@# kicked so bad.
Honorable orcs do not flee, as you have. Nor do they abandon their clan, as you have. Nor do they make unfounded accusations, as you have. Pah. You accuse us of being slaves to the humans, when you ARE NO ORC. Get out of here, bastard.
All I know is, durin' war this deep with an enemy this unreasonable, the Horde doesn't need peacemakers willin' ta give up everythin' for it. It needs soldiers. Come later tonight, we'll see who of us is more valuable.
What are you even spouting about? I have been here a damned long time, and I have seen not even a semblance of 'peace' with the Alliance. Ugan has Stormfist constantly warring against Alliance forces.

Was there some RP I missed, or is this just something Morg likes to think, lol?
Was there some RP I missed, or is this just something Morg likes to think, lol?

((yes...I think it might be RP...he is an RP'er...))
((it stems from back when he was in the clan. With the way Ugan dealt with Gor'Watha and he has talked about peace before. Morg and Krayok both view him as a pacifist))
Varg thinks all y'all needa hit up that felweed and chill in a hammock on the Southfury shore. All y'all cray cray. <3

edit: Apparently it takes me four tries to spell hammock correctly.
((I can guarantee you Krayok hits up the felweed on the daily))
((Needs more non Shamans. COME ON ORC WARLOCK!))
((More Shamans))
(( Needs more Orc Warlock! ))
Buncha no-good, rotten, honor-less, loa-damned cowards! Learn how ta fight properly!

((Thanks for the fun tonight! It was awesome~))
Watch it you Troll. Threatening your own members! Fighting them! You call us honorless!

((Oh you knows we all full of fun and such))
(( I will have to start attending more bar nights, alot of fun))
i only remember going back to the bar, for a other drink. then i wake up, in the middle of the street.
what happen?
((really, great night, sorry was afk, few times))

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