{A} Ancestral Legion - Recruiting PvE PvP!

Ancestral Legion is an older guild looking for active players for RBGs, Raids (old and new content), we also do guild heroics, random BGs, arena and even guild raffles! If you are looking for an ACTIVE guild with friendly players and knowledgeable officers this would be the guild for you.

We currently are running low MMR RBGs as well as 1800+ and even 2k+.

ATM we are NOT raiding current content as a full guild due to lack of players but we are raiding it weekly via PuGs and raid finder. As soon as we get more active players guild raids will be up and running.

TL;DR version.

If you are looking for a newer guild that isn't full of random people there just for perks and wanting to actually do things with guildies look no further.

For a guild invite or more info you can contact myself (Snarleena) or the guild leader Scission for a guild invite. Hope to hear from you soon!
Bump. Still recruiting did guild RBG yesterday went 3-0.
Still need guildies! If you have questions feel free to post here or in game!
RSham interested here!
Returning player looking to restart on a new realm as a monk. I will be mostly interested in pvp and would love to get an arena team going, but i wouldn't mind raiding either. I will be either dps or heals not tanking (for the moment).
boomie here interested. in both pvp and pve
I'd like to try you guys out, Blood for PvE / Frost for PvP. 510 ilvl PvE / 484 PvP.
Still looking? I'm sick of being in guilds that don't run RBG's. I'm stuck at low MMR (1400) due to oqueue groups. Looking to push rating. This priest I go Holy for RBG's and disc for arenas (can heal in whichever special in RBG I just prefer holy.. I also have a frost mage that I would love to join a good guild if you need a mage more. I've never done any raids but I've always been interested in starting.
We are still recruiting message me in game and I will get you an invite, I recently just got everyone in guild around 1600 rating. Working to help the newer ones get higher and those who can push to 1900+ higher as well.
Hello team Ancestral Legion, I am looking to relocate to another server and Tichondrius is one of the top 3 I am looking at due to successes in PvP throughout the realms. Once I return home from business in a week I will start my pre 90 from the expansion and would like to join you guild if it is and will be active in RBGs. I'm not the best in PvP, but I can hold my own and enjoy learning and playing in a team environment. If you are still recruiting please let me know as I will be creating a new 90 on your realm. Thanks in advance.
If you guys are still recruiting, I am definitely interested. Im almost done gearing and looking for people to do rbgs with.

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