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Hey my name is Hellu and i'm looking for WoW friends to play WoW with and level on Frostmourne if you like to do that please post

Thanks for reading
wrong faction :)
And wrong server, unfortunately. :c
and sex...don't like male gnomes. almost as ugly as male worgens. some have a good enough heart though.
ill level with you, the more friends the merrier.

EDIT : wow i just noticed you're in one of my alt's guild.
makes it easier. i have a character named Lëno there a druid. we could level together
Sadly, wrong faction AND server.

I like gnomes tho.

On that not: Any Dreadmaul Hordians looking for an ok hunter, drop me a line need to start farming up JP for heirloom thingies soon
wrong faction . Maybe i gotta shoot u while u appear at my mini map. :D
roll barthi horde so I can gank you and your new friends?
i want friends too :(.

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