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That's right. Its 1:42 AM and I created an xmog thread for our realm.

Horde! Alliance! Show me your gear!

And yeah. Mine's bad. But I know some of you have to have SOMETHING to show off.
Mine would be better if Armory didn't make me bald, and shave my beard down to fuzz.
7/10. You had a unique jade theme going then threw on the ever popular Mask. Also, consider the dreadful glad's leather belt. I think it would match.
^ Ninja/10.

EDIT: Ginja/10!
9/10 its interesting

I have a really great transmog planned for Dn--Ruas. For now my mage is the only one with any sort of work.
I thought you were gonna be a DK with the name at a first glance. Great mage set, and love the tabard with it.


I just realized that along with my bald head, and peach fuzz armory glitch... It also glitched my belt.


Is the belt I have. The green monk belt. It doesn't show the Icon and tassels, which is the whole point of the damn belt. But yeah I should definitely get a new helm I guess. Thanks!
Armory isn't properly set up for 3d belts yet
That would explain the situation. I also checked the other forums about the hair. Apparently its a rendering issue.

and 7/10. I love the Old Orc look for DKs. That, and the Tyr set looks awesome.
This isn't a transmog :( my new one will be ready in a few weeks.
hey guys, im cute
^ Notamog/10

Posting again so someone else can rate me.
10/10... Mechanopaly!

I did this on my belf Sunreaver. All Gold/Red xmog and gears. Glad I wasn't the only one that thought it was cool.
Red is the color of passion.

And blood.

I'm passionate about blood.
a great set of gear perfect for almost any plate class! 8.5/10 dookers would grook
How bout some Purple
Did someone say purple?
9/10, dun like the axe <3
I know a good Dentist.

^ Notasgoodasmine/10.

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