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Oldy but a goody...Keeping it old school
I am Thor.
the only thing i like is ur helm. but the colors match though. then again im not a fan of the whole super hero genre
My transmog > All

Just sayin. I need the Axe from Cthun and i'm set.
Someone tell me something better I can get, already have wrathful/t5 with tempest of chaos/t6/etc.
am i doin this rite?

8/10 for being the master race! No gear looks bad on undeads
You are the best.
am i doin this rite?

Too bad he's now Tauren. BUT! He is 90 now.


I am now a Brute from the Halo series.
I can dig that.

Looking for some sweet boots with tassels.
No. There is no pudding to be had here for the likes of you.

I like it because it is all black and it matches, but you need a black shirt to completely make it all match. :D Not a fan of the shoes/boots.

8/10 for BLACK. 8)
Love the antlers. So Druid like.

Just changed my transmog the other night.
^ It's wonderful.

No matter where you go, you have a chair to sit in.

didnt know that post she was sitting on was ikea.

fancy alliance.
I like this set and like the OG sword. I'm not a fan of many of the DK transmogs out there. I used yours for a pretty long time.
what r u lvl 58 nerd?

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