[H] 494 Fury Warrior LF raiding group


@ title, no much else to say really. Aside from my second 2H weapon (have tyran 2h), I essentially have the best gear I can get from LFR. The problem I have found is that because the horde population is so small and this expansion pack is already half over I cannot seem to get into any raids. I haven't seen anyone running mogu vaults period so you can understand why I am having a very hard time getting into normal raiding.

About Myself: I have been playing World Of Warcraft since vanilla launch and I also raided back then as well. I am a 22 year old man that resides in Perth, WA. I don't like Pina Coladas nor do I enjoy getting caught in the rain.

I'm really just hoping that some guild whom has an already established core group will take a throw in the dark and let me test run. I have both 2pc bonuses from the two PvE sets so my DPS isn't terrible. I know how to raid; don't stand in the fire, interrupt 'this' ect.

Hopefully someone will give me a chance. If not then it can't be helped, live long and prosper.
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