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Mobile Bug Report
For mobile Armory Version 5.2.2(as well as previous versions, i've had this problem for a while) Whenever i try to load up my troll shaman in the 3D viewer, as the loading bar hits about 30-60ish% the app crashes and when i reopen it it loads back up to the character stat sheet and equipment viewer.

So now i've decided to write a bug report for it!

As far as i know i've only been able to replicate this bug with troll males, but the only other races i've checked are Troll Females, Pandaren Males and Females, Blood elf Males and Females, and Tauren Male and Female models all of which loading in 3D did not cause the crash only the Troll Males. At first i thought this was a problem exclusive to Troll males utilizing the newer hair models, but this seems to not be the case as i've tried allmost all of the hairstyles and still get the crash(i did not test anything else at the barber[tusks, colors, etc.]).

Here's the WebArmory of the the two troll characters i tested that caused the crash, i used these two because their gear is pretty different from one another to show that it probably isnt a single peice of gear causing the crash.


(As you can see by just checking the WebArmory page the Hair does not show up so thats where i got the initial inclination that hairstyle was the problem)

Anyways i tried reinstalling the Mobile App with no luck :(

If there's any more information i can give like if there's a way to get a dump file from an app crash or something i'll try to get it to you asap!

edit: i tried a few of my guildmates troll characters of varying classes and levels in the mobile armory just for due dilligence and it looks like all of them are causing the crash
Mobile Bug Report forum: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/2690193/

Your report could also use additional details such as the make/model of your phone/device, the O/S and version, etc.
Is this still happening for you? We've addressed a number of 3D model issues since this was originally posted.
This has been happening to me for months. I just downloade the 5.4 version of the mobile armory and the problem still persists.
This has been happening to me for months. I just downloade the 5.4 version of the mobile armory and the problem still persists.

Any particular 3D models? Names of characters?

Also provide your mobile device model and OS version.
I am having a similar problem, except none of MY characters will load, and other players will load about 50% of the time. iPhone 5C

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