Severed is Recruiting

Needed: 1 Healer, 1 backup healer, 1 backup DPS (no hunters)

Over the past month we've lost a few people from our ten man's. We are looking for people who know what they are doing or at least learn from their mistakes. this is what our current raid situation looks like

MSV Normal 10 man (on farm)
HOF Normal 10 Man (up to Amber Shaper, and would be past him were it not for continually losing people)
Terrace Normal 10 man : We'd be in Terrance but need to kill HOF first
TOT Normal 10 man (1 out of 12 with fair progress on Horridon)

We raid Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8 server to 11 (9 to 12 EST)

We're not Hardcore raiders but don't want to waste our time wiping on the same boss from the same mistakes over and over again. looking for a gearscore of at least 489. If interested please ingame mail Methor, Kaps or Kentaris if interested.

I realize that valor gear makes some of the earlier raids irrelevant but we would like to complete HOF and Terrace and then put all our efforts into TOT.
You guys should be at least killing the first boss in ToT, and having all your raid members run LFR and using their coins every week as well.
we are when we have the people. just some real life issues with folks lately. anyone who's ever been in a guild knows how it is. Sometimes life just takes precedence and unfortunately raiding suffers for it.
I hear ya, believe me.

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