Small server group looking for big city raid

Hi! I am from Kirin Tor a VERY small server. Nearly dead horde side. The guild i am currently an officer in has progressed to Tortos in ToT 10 man. WE are a 25 man guild but current interest has dwindled. We raid very late and had quite a few recently leave the game. All recruiting attempts have failed mostly due to server size. We are looking to move to a large server and have a few people we know on Thrall. We have heard good things and I was wondering if any guilds are looking for 3-7 raiders for their ranks. The three that are certainly going are an ilevel 508 deathknight tank, myself Lanabelle ilevel 513 Holy pally and Sezmu ilevel 511 Assassination Rogue. We have also maybe 2 more holy pallies and maybe 1-2 more dps all over ilevel 508. We are adults (25+) looking for raiding we cant get on our server. Our guild was number 3 horde side and the number one guild can barely put a 25 man together without sitting half its ranks for most of the fights. WE are fed up with small town and want to transfer to your server. Please reply if you think we are a good match. Well be there sooner or later but id rather start talking to people getting to know them before we get there so we can be ready to raid.
Because you didn't bother reading the 40 other threads involving guilds looking to transfer here...

If you have a full group already with progression that competes with our top end guilds (at least 1 heroic boss in ToT down), or are a guildless player its a decent choice.

If you are yet another 4-8 bosses down in ToT (wowprogress has Late Night Elites at 3 down) then your chance of filling a raid with recruitment is near impossible. There are too many guilds here all with recruiting needs and you will have to have something to offer them. Your great personality and friendly demeanor will get you nowhere.

So basically unless you are looking to get rolled into another guild or strike a deal with a guild to absorb them, you are wasting your time. You will not fill out your raid unless you intend to fill the back end with revolving door players.
Because I did and i know how recruiting works. You post here first and obviously we don't want to keep the guild we 3 people want to raid together still if possible. Yes I append to a few but singularly. I know there are elitist jerks everywhere and I've dealt with hem. I'm sorry you didn't comprehend what I was asking which is that if a guild is willing to post here in the near future then they MIGHT actually want to look at the lfg posts by people here. 90% of the guilds in the first 6 pages suck so I went this route. Sorry you're a grumpy Gus but thanks for reminding me there are asshats everywhere.
Actually Torpex was pretty on point... While we do enjoy a populated server please understand that some of us are a little apprehensive of all the "broken" guilds flooding into Thrall as it make recruiting a nightmare. With that said I need a Holy Pally and a DK or Monk tank for one of my 10mans. Incoming standard guild spam.

This guild will be 4yrs old under the same leadership in June 2013. All of our 10man teams are well balanced and well run, there are no alts in these groups! If you are looking for a permanent home in a stable and fair raiding environment then it is well worth taking a few minutes to contact us. Progression is 11/12 ToT and moving steady on this economically stable, highly populated, Horde heavy server. Bring a relaxed attitude but be ready to work. This is a good group of people. Thanks

U.S. Thrall Server-East Coast
Semi casual progression guild 16/16n 7/16H, 11/12 ToT
~established June 2009

Raid times 8-11pm EST for all groups

Group1 mon, tue, wed 11/12

Group2 mon, tue, wed 3/12

Group3 mon, tue, wed 4/12
Holy Pally, Monk or DK tank

My Battletag is Cardnialsyn#1620

We don't take any members under the age of 18, no exceptions. If you are looking for an adult run, semi-casual raiding environment with stability and structure I strongly urge you to check out our website!
I recommend transferring here. We did the same and it helped our progression because recruiting off server is much easier here. There is also a large group of talent and it's fairly easy to find good puggers through trade. There's still nubs, and weekend raiding seems to be easier to find good raiders that didn't clear/missed a raid day something of that nature.


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