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So I'm really happy with the monk class gameplay wise, but honestly I'm not overly fond of their lore. At least, not when it comes to other races, like humans. So I know the scarlet monks were originally taught by a panderan, but it got my thinking. Has anyone else played their human monk as a follower of the Light?

I have my monk be a sort of unarmed paladin. He meditated like a monk, but instead of real meditation he prays and gets his since of calm and focus from his belief in the light.

I was just wondering if anyone else was doing anything like that, playing a monk as someone with strong faith in the light. Something a little different than a traditional panda monk. I'm even bringing in some medieval monk ideas, making him a bit of a scholar as well. Focusing on maintaining a strong body through training, and a strong mind through prayer and study.

Anyone else doing anything like that or have any ideas for it?
So I know the scarlet monks were originally taught by a panderan...

They were? I'd be curious to know where you obtained this tidbit of lore. Traditionally, a monk is a member of a holy community and the Scarlet Monks and the Draenei Monks in Outland are simply a reference to that.

To answer your question, yes I think it makes perfect sense to play a priest (or even paladin) that decided to practice martial arts and meditation.
I believe it's in the dungeon journal. Brother korloff (or whatever his name is) was taught by a panderan and demonstrated his abilities to the Crusade. They were impressed and let him train monks. Though that just seems like a silly rewrite of lore, since monks were in the game before.
I think a holy monk is fine. Honestly, I don't understand why Pandaren need to be behind EVERYTHING monk. Why can't the non-pandaren races just be really good at unarmed fighting and then get introduced to Pandaren monks at level 10? Maybe have the monk trainer at early levels be a brawler from an underground fighting ring or something? A street fighter? A self defense instructor? There are many reasons for a character to prefer and learn unarmed fighting besides Pandaren.
Chi is not just inner peace its also lifeforce energy which is why mistweaving is known as a healing spec. Which is also why FORSAKEN MONKS MAKE NO SENSE! If I was to ever rp a forsaken monk I would honestly just rp him as a member of the cult of the forgotten shadow and just say his attacks are imbued by shadow magic rather than Chi. Forsaken should not be able to use Chi peroid I'm sorry makes no sense. Blizzard make some minor comsmetic glyphs please! As for a monk of the holy light I would pretty much do the same thing except for all chi attacks make it=holy power.
See I rp it as a little of the Panderan teachings and the Holy light. The scalet crusade monks do have a link to the panderan, so they use Chi, but they have different powers because they are also using holy powers. The inner peace that panderan monks get through meditation could be achived through faith and prayer. As for their healing ability, thats lifeforce energy. lifeforce energy could be RPed as anything, druidic power, nature magic of shamans, or the light.
For example, the scarlet monks use holy fire in their attacks.
Imolation and Rising flame lets them add fire damage to their fist attacks.
Firestorm kick is spinning crain kick with fire.
Blazing fists is fists of fury with fire.

Chi is what lets the monks fists hit like a mace. That power could easily be replaced or augmented with another source of power. Paladins already empower their weapons with the Holy Light, why cant monks do the same with their fists?
I'd like to see a glyph that does this.

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