New 10m Guild Recruiting

<Zero Mistakes> is a newly formed guild that is looking for people to push progression in 5.2. Raid times would be Tuesday and Friday 6pm-9pm (PST). Recruiting for full time spots.Tuesday could be changed to wednesday. We expect all raiders to look up fights we will attempt and be fully gemmed and enchanted.

At the moment tanks and dps are needed for the core group. Also need some back up raiders that aren't looking for a core spot.

All applicants must have some raid experience,heroics are a plus.

We are looking to improve our roster to continue to progress into 5.2.We are currently seeking a small mix of the following, although any good players will be highly considered.
Death Knight: Blood/Frost
Druid: Balance/Feral dps
Mage: Closed
Paladin: Protection/Ret
Priest: Holy
Rogue: Assassination/Combat
Shaman: Closed
Warlock: Destruction/Affliction
Warrior: Protection

Please contact Erthero in game for more information, whisper or send in game mail. Erthero#1510
I'm a Prot/Arms Warrior still leveling the last few levels.

The only time I was ever a raider was for a couple of months in 4.3 on my Shadow Priest when I was in an actual raiding guild, but I've also been playing level capped Prot Warriors since Wrath. I'm really confident in how familiar I am with my class, it's mechanics and what it can do for groups in 5 mans/raids.

How likely am I to be considered?
Add me on battle net Erthero#1510.
Still lookin!
I sent you a friend request to talk whenever you have time. My friend and I are both tanks looking for a guild to raid.
One full time position open for 1 tank and 1 dps.
Got an immediate spot for a tank with a dps offspec. Also recruiting potential back up raiders.

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