Curiosity on Nec Strike

Death Knight
First off, not a QQ thread. I was simply wondering how factoring PvP power into the equation will affect necrotic strike. Without a decent amount of PvP power is it better to use it once for the debuff and switch to scourge? Or? Not much a math person so any insight would be cordially appreciated!
Guess it depends on what you're killing and where.
It means that instead of stacking Necs to 150k absorb you'll be stacking them to 60k absorb.

Every single top tier DK will be going back to 2h Frost. Unholy simply does not have the damage output to be viable without Necrotic Strike in its current form. Once PvP power is factored in it will basically just be another Mortal Strike, but one that is infinitely more complicated to set up.

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