(H) 1/13 Heroic 25m lf Rdps

Guild Recruitment
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Hi, I'm Beahr, GM and raid lead of <I Dont Even Like Raiding> of Zul'jin. We are currently looking for strong, reliable dps to fill our ranks.

<I Dont Even Like Raiding> is a Semi-Hardcore 25 man raiding guild focusing on progressing through tier 15 and moving on to heroics as a team. We don't stress too much if you can't make a raid and try to run as drama-free as possible. Please apply to our guild with a positive attitude, ready to wipe and be allergic to fire.

Our raid times are 7-10 pm eastern time on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. Additionally we run a 10 man to clear up what we didn't finish on Monday.

Current Progress:

12/12 10m
12/12 25m

1/13 Heroic 25m

This is what will benefit us as a raid group most but, all and any exceptional application will be reviewed and considered.


Applicants should be ~> 510+ fully gemmed, enchanted and reforged.

Website: http://idontevenlikeraiding.enjin.com/home

Contact Beahr#1645, Medii, or Choochie
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stoodweiser doesn't wear pants to raid.
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