Where is the repair tool on Launcher (MAC)

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Looking for the repair tool button on the launcher. For PC it should be in the upper left side. I check the website and I should be looking for a system menu bar on the launcher. I don't have it so what should I do?

It's in the help menu at the top of the screen.

That's what they mean by "system menu bar"

Move your ups UP past the launcher window to the top of the screen. That's the help menu it means.
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I have no help menu on the top left side. I have x - and the sound icon to turn off when I hit the "play" button. Center top is wow mop logo and close to the top right side "store" "patch notes" "forums". No help menu buttons or anything I scroll down to it. So now what?
Look up higher along the top edge of your monitor screen where the Apple system menu bar is. It's not part of the launcher window in the middle of your screen...

 Blizzard Launcher Options Info Help

edit: My bad, it actually says "Blizzard Launcher" instead of "World of Warcraft Launcher"
If you need a screenshot, look at this very old one from the days of Cataclysm: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fsu_bianca/7713747278/ which shows
 Launcher Edit Window Options Info Public Test Help
along the top edge of the monitor screen. The launcher window doesn't fill the whole screen, so look up!

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