Veteran Player, New Transfer. 10 Man Raider

First of all, my profile is acting wierd after my transfer to Proudmoore. My main character doesn't show up at all. He's a Hunter named Evanescion, with a 487 iLevel and all LFR experience and 3/12 ToT 10 experience. My lock is equally geared and I can play both just as well. I'm a DPS raider, healing doesn't interest me at all. Tanking is not far behind that.

I've been raiding since I was high enough level. I started playing just before BC came out on the Greymane server. My first raid was with my warlock and I was pulled into a 25 man SSC 3 days after I hit 70. Crash course doesn't begin to describe that couple of hours.

I enjoy the 10 man atmosphere exponentially more than the 25 because I like the feeling and interpersonable atmosphere of 10 man raids. My previous guild on Greymane, which is a dead husk of it's former self, raided about 3 times a week back when it was active and the raid schedule was whoever signed up went, and if there were more than 10, the person who hadn't gone the most recently got to go that night.

That said, I want a guild I can call home. That means I want a medium to small group of regular players who know their business and understand real life, and can appreciate someone who stays consistent in every raid and with every class he chooses to kill things with. What I see in Trade chat is primarily player statistics and experience, so I put those out there first in this post. But of equal importance to me is the personality and atmosphere of the group I run with. I don't join guilds lightly, because a guild can make or break this game for me and a lot of other people. I take this part of the game very seriously in that I try and make my decisions to join a guild long-term ones. I want to make friends and kill things with them. Please let me know if you know anyone who would see me as a great fit.

And if I even suspect you're auto-replying to this thread, you'll be ignored. I deal with human beings who can read, not mindless players who just go for numbers.

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