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I recently started playing again, and have returned to a dead guild. The officers and the GL are AWOL, and apparently my brief hiatus earned me a demotion. Obviously I have no way to take over the guild, so my best bet would be to leave.

I'm not big on joining other guilds. I'm slowly easing myself back into content and I'll only get buried in the hundreds of members typically invested into level 25 guilds. So I'm considering starting my own (who isn't these days?), but am concerned with whether the time investment is worth it. Giving up level 25 perks seems harsh (XP bonuses, etc), so I'm skeptical about this choice.

Are there any solid tips to power-leveling a guild to 25 aside from finding members? My realm isn't exactly full of amiable personalities, so my last attempt about a year ago ended up failing miserably. It's not a matter of whether I can run a guild (I used to run Skullcrusher's largest Alliance guild prior to transferring), so my ability isn't in question. It just seems like an awful lot of difficulty starting up a guild, and would love some friendly advice. Thanks!
arena is your best bet
04/30/2013 12:44 AMPosted by Davlin
apparently my brief hiatus earned me a demotion.

this was probably done to protect the guild leader from being dethroned.

..anyhoo, there's an entire section of forum devoted to exactly this sort of question:
It would take you awhile but you can eventually get a guild to lvl 25 by yourself. It just takes a very long time. I believe they nerfed the xp required because it sure got easier. It's up to you whether you want to invest the time to do it.
Well, it's actually a new GL now and most of the officers I don't recognize. The dethrone likely already happened.

That section is better suited for achievements and accomplishments, not leveling the guild in general. While achievements go a long way toward leveling a guild, you have to have an active guild with dedicated members. Finding members is the hardest issue - people just aren't interested in low level guilds. But again, I've seen some folks pull it off. This is precisely why I created this thread, to ask: how?
You can level a guild to 25 in about 2 weeks with 8-10 people levelling an alt from 85-90 then doing basic heroics when hitting 90. If you are on a low - med pop server, finding people to join a low lvl guild will be daunting.

It's a lot of work. You might just want to look through your servers LFG list and pick one that suites your play style.
You can easily get a guild to 25 just by leveling alts or doing dailies. Just remember that your guild only gets experience while questing (no grey quests, no dungeon spamming, etc) or by guild groups of dungeon runs/BGs/arenas.
04/30/2013 12:44 AMPosted by Davlin
I'll only get buried in the hundreds of members typically invested into level 25 guilds

Why so? My guild is level 25, we have 550 members with about half of that actually active, and no one gets lost in the shuffle. I personally have a small group of, hmm, five or six friends that do group stuff and general silliness on a regular basis. We also do cool stuff like mount runs, older achievements (groups just went to kill Whale Shark last nite), some raids, dungeons, scenarios, and the like. People are encouraged to take part in as much or as little as they want.

My point is that there are other guilds out there like mine. Don't be so quick to write off a level 25 guild just because you think that means they will be "hardcore" and you'll get lost among the crowds of players.
The biggest obstacle I face is that Burning Blade (US) is one of the most notoriously childish servers (I mean no offense to the decent folk who play there). My sole purpose for transferring was for a friend (and my wife). Unfortunately, my wife is more of a casual gamer, while said friend has taken a hiatus of their own. I don't want to give a life story, but I'm sure you can imagine the predicament.

Regardless, most players on my realm are already in larger guilds solely for the perks. Finding raiding slots (if I were to delve right back into that on my mains) would be difficult. I know the answer seems obvious.. make a guild for people in my situation. But alas, most people are content with sitting on the bench and not achieving much. Maybe I've just had a less than flattering experience on this server, but creating a guild still seems like an awful lot of trouble nowadays. I may just give it a go, and follow through with leveling alts (I do that enough as it is anyway), but I'm not thrilled about missing out on the XP bonuses that makes level grinding so much easier (the biggest hurdle in why most people ignore low level guilds). It's really a catch 22: 90s want to raid, or at least have a chance to raid, while low levels want a level 25 guild for the leveling perks. Makes creating a guild almost pointless.

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