ive been raiding in wow since half way through cata, got alot of xperienece, raid aware and know most fights to current and old content raids

ive been playing ret since i started wow, I am quite skilled in playing supportively as hybrid class and can easily burst approx 120-140k (self buffed) approx 95k + constant

im currently 2/12 nm downed but i know how to do all fights and have had minor exp on other fights

recently xfered to frostmourne from jubei thos to continue raiding

I'm a 507 ret pally

can do most nights except wed and sat nights (even late nights fri)

wouldn't mind if it was a semi pvp guild (also have a resto shaman for alts runs, pvp etc.)

also been considering going prot if needed.

pst below or in game with any questions inquiries etc. Darkflare#6399

(have friends willing to raid if more than just one raider is required.)

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