<The Papaya Prerogative> 4/12 10N

Aerie Peak
<The Papaya Prerogative> (4/12 10N) is currently looking for one tank (Guardian Druid or Monk) and 1 DPS (Warlock preferred) for our raid team. Our raid days are M/Tu/Sa 5p-8p ST (8p-11p EST).

We are a brand new guild that just recently (last night) split off from CTR-Kazzak. If you may be interested in filling either of these roles, please add my battletag (Joanna#1419) and give me a shout. We are also looking for anyone who would like to be a backup, or anyone who is just looking for some cool people to hang out with. :)

*sniff sniff*

Good luck!
Thanks Ayr :)
I'm not sure the ASCII picture depicts what you think it does... but I guess they call it a "flowering" for some reason.

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