Worth it to roll a paladin?

So im thinking of changing it up and playing my paladin for abit, I havent done end game content on him since tanking ICC years ago.
Are rets really as bad as people make them out to be?
I know holy/prot are decent but i mainly plan to dps and dabble in pvp a little so how does ret do with those these days?

Any help much appreciated
Ret's perfectly fine in PvE, don't let the nay-sayers fool you. We're highly gear-dependent and probably more so than most specs. Handled correctly, though, Retribution is still a very powerful DPS spec.
Ret is fine. I leveled this toon from 10-55 as Ret. Made a death knight. Got really into healing, then came back to the pally since he was my first toon and i felt bad forgetting about him. Now at 88 he has been all three specs. DPS was beautiful until i entered pandaland then it seems i can only take on two or three enemies safely (that are same level or one above) otherwise i am constantly healing myself.

I created another pally to learn tanking (my first time being a tank) and i got him to 28, discovered that i did enjoy it so i respecced this one to Prot as well. Now in the same area where i could only take on up to maybe 4 enemies, i had 11 last night at one time all fall to my sword and never dipping below 75% health. It was a tad slower going but watching them all go down was just awe inspiring as i have never successfully taken on that many at one time.

IMO, Ret is great for DPS on 1-3 enemies at a time
Prot is great for just grabbing everything in sight and mowing them down. I found i generated holy power quicker as Prot, which let me keep myself healed the entire time.

As a final note, i stumbled into a Warscout (91 rare). Because i kept having to run away from the spirit he summoned i picked up a total of 14 enemies (Yakwash in pandaland with the little minions by the cave and the other enemies that are fearing the yaks). The warscout was down to 60% health before i couldn't keep up and died. I was still level 88 at the time.
If it matches your play style, then yes it's worth it and you will enjoy it.
Yes, play a Paladin. We may be righteous, pompous, holier than thou, and everyone gives us a hard time -- but that's because we're the good guys. The good guys. We get a bad rep, but we're the first to drop whatever we're doing and run to an ally's rescue if the situation calls. I guess everything evens itself out. <3

The class is fun, not a lot of beating around the bush to get our damage out, except Inquisition. We have some of the strongest support in the game, and we're not faceroll like we used to be. You will notice a strong difference between a bad paladin and a good one.

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