Mountain Top US Mal'Ganis LFM

Mountain Top: US Mal’Ganis PVP Horde

Things you should know about us:

* Our raid days are currently being modified. We are trying to find more stable days with people, so they are entirely up for grabs atm.

* We have been around for awhile, transferred over from US Sargeras Alliance and are a very stable guild. Players are recruited to raid, not to sit on the bench.

* We use a Roll System to hand out loot with a touch of Loot Council (i.e. to finish a 2/4 piece.)

*Our recruitment is always open to exceptional applicants of all classes, but right now we are seeking the following:

<Plate Tanks (Pref Shield Tanks), Healers, and Ranged DPS>

Here are a few things that we look for in potential recruits:

* Able to take & give criticism as well as interact with our mumble environment.

* Attend raids 2 nights per week with an optional 3rd if progression is going well.

* Ability and willingness to play multiple specs.

* Social players with a good sense of humor that will be able to communicate through mumble.

* Players with excellent situational awareness.

* Players interested in pushing through multiple tiers of content with us. We are looking to recruit for the long haul.

* Intelligent players that are interested in playing the game to its fullest potential. Cross-server applications and group applications are welcome.

*Anybody interested in joining our guild can request a Mumble Interview or contact one of our officers in-game (Jallesa, Linneaus, Twïnkles (alt 0239).

Visit our Website:
Good times will be had by all.
10s or 25s?
We do 10 man's.
Just creeping on the forums....
We have 2 world class chocolatiers at your disposal as well, not too sure why you might want to dispose of them but it is what it is.
Still looking for a few to round out our roster.
Are your times flexible or is 9pm set in stone?
9pm CST is the earliest we start.
Still need a tank or healer and 2 range dps. Would love to have a mage and hunter.
Still looking.
Still looking for Ranged and Healz
Still looking for a Hunter and Prot Pally/Healz(Sham/Drood/Monk)
Still looking for those last 2 spots in our raid group to be filled. :)
I transferred to Mal'ganis over the weekend and I am looking to raid 2-3 nights a week. Your times match my old raid times almost perfectly. My old group on last realm broke up during HoF after personal drama, and after it was obvious we would not be raiding anymore I transferred. I am smart, I watch videos, study my class, and spec and buff appropriately. I am still only about ilvl 495, and have only done LFR ToT, but I'd love to see I we would be a good fit.

I also have an ilvl 495 blood dk (frost os), and a prot pally (ilvl 485ish but I'd have to check).
Awesome. Hit me up in game. I'll be on my Shaman Mylindara most of the day man.
Still looking for a good hunter to fill our last dps spot.
Still looking for a Shield Tank and a Hunter preferred.
Still Looking for a few more to round out our core group. Please hit me up here or in game. Mylindara#1668
Still Looking for a few more to round out our group.

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