ptr not loading past 85%

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ptr not loading past 85%
Could you be more specific about what isn't loading? There are several points at which things "load" in World of Warcraft. It could be the World of Warcraft Launcher, the in-game loading screen after selecting a character, or an instance loading screen.

We're going to need a bit more information in order to help you out. :)
It's after you've selected your character and started to log onto the world. The loading bar goes normally and then stops at around 90%. Doesn't move, waited for around 30 minutes and no change. I think it's a mac thing as well, after the maintenance today.
I'll update my PTR client and see if I can replicate this.
Looks like we'll need to wait for Sapperwix's team to give us a heads up when this is resolved. Because this is not a Mac specific issue, anybody experiencing this should post in the following thread on the PTR Bug Report forum:

Please keep any posts related to being stuck on the loading screen to the linked thread so the PTR team can more easily monitor reports.
So, I am popping in for an update.

Our team has figured out what is causing these issues and will be trying to resolve the issue with a binary hotfix patch, hopefully today.
Any updates yet?
Seems like the issue is fixed in the new build but, when the launcher went to update i got like 10 different errors. All that bouncing on my dash was exciting!
As of 10:00 when I checked the PTR is now operating smoothly for Mac users and you are once again able to log in.
I'm having the same problem now.
This is an old thread and as the PTR client is nothing like the one back then, a new thread should be started with a description of what you are experiencing. I know it seems redundant to start a new thread with the same or similar symptom, but it helps us and the client team to separate which build(s) the issue is coming from.
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im having this problem with my ptr, what do i do?
after selecting a character the loading screen stops and wont go anywhere.
same problem here today
same problem today aswell
exact same problem since last night (on a PC not mac)
Still not working for me, won't load past 90%
Let's start a new thread as tech support suggested
doing it again

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