Suggestion for Holy Change

Since being the melee battle healer was sort of given to monks. There are very few fights where I can weave in more than a couple Crusader Strikes for extra holy power, since for most mechanics that target ranged, we are an option.

Judgement use to be a core ability for a holy pally now it's pretty weak. Could it be tweaked (for holy spec) to give holy power on hit? Adjust the CD and mana cost maybe, but it would be nice to have.

Keep in mind I'm a PVEer so if this has repercussions for PVP thats not what i meant it for
We still need to be in melee for Insight (mana regen).

Throwing that out there.
And there are times you can get in melee, but its frustrating on certain fights where the damage doesn't justify DLing your beacon or casting holy radiance. where 1 holy power ever 6 seconds just feels kinda weak. Would be nice to weave in a judgement for holy power.

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