Dear Blizzard "kanrethad"

it took 150+ tries lots of raging at almost kills but i did it!@!@
overall it was a lot of fun thanks for not nerfing it till i got it down
nerf it now or not idm just glad i could do it before the nerf if there is going to be one

oh and thanks for making such a fun and challenging fight

edit: i tried a lot at 470 ilevel took a break tried again at 500 took a break then tried again at 515
Its important that they make it so green fire is insignificant. Perhaps make it a vendor item or trainable.

We can't have redfire locks feeling inadequate, hence the 100s of nerf threads.
Grats you chihuahua!
150+ tries at that ilvl? Oh lawdy.
naw i tried a lot at like around 470 ilevel right when i hit 90 then took a long break to gear got it on like 8th try after i went from 470 to 515

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