LF tailor who can make Mooncloth Gloves

Emerald Dream
((Looking for a tailor who can make these gloves Pattern: Mooncloth Gloves will provide mats and will tip :) Horde or Alliance doesnt matter. The pattern has been removed from game or i would farm it up myself ):
thank you for reading.
Idk if you can check my profs thru armory but I'm fairly certain I can. HMU

edit: i can't. :(
After checking mine and my girlfriend's Tailoring (between the two of us we have EVERY pattern save for epic MoP ones) and coming up empty handed, I did a bit of research. Those gloves are no longer obtainable AT ALL.

Similar to the Phantom Blade, certain patterns were removed from MoP, even from currently learned professions. Why? We don't know, Blizzard gave no reason. The only way to obtain them is to purchase an already created pair. However, there is hope.


Those are identical to the gloves you want, and fairly easy to farm. Happy hunting!
Old Thimblejack was an acquaintance of mine when I used to frequent the ruins of Dire Maul. He kindly taught me how to make these and I'll be happy to craft you a pair should you still need them.

I will be around sporadically through the week but you should be able to catch me on the weekend.

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