Tank Looking for MSV runs

My guild is no longer willing to run MSV as we only raid two days per week and need to optimize our time to catch up on content.

That leaves me in a pickle as after 12+ spirit kings kills, and 12+ coin rolls....I still have a 463 (upgraded to 471) shield. If your guild is farming MSV and need a replacement tank for the night, I'd love to go. I don't want anything other than a shot at the shield. If you are just starting out and need help with strats...happy to help there as well.

Otherwise, I will follow your lead and do things your way. Ventrillo is no issue. Can only raid 6:30pm or later server time any day except Tuesday and Wednesday, when my guild raids.

I won't roll against one of your tanks for the shield if it drops....I'll use a coin roll but must tank the fight. So preferably, I'd like to go in with a group using Druid, DK or Monk tank...Or with a group where no one needs the shield.

Hit me up in game or with a mail telling me when to be on and I will be there. All (serious) mails will be answered.

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