Glyph of the Holy Gryphon?

So I've recently picked my main from BC, a paladin, back up to level her. I LOVE the paladin charger, something about it makes me feel like a holy crusader for the good of the Light when I ride it. I don't even use my drakes on my pally, just my armored snowy gryphon. Just thinking it'd be cool if we could have a glyph, or have the glyph that makes your mount glow modified, that when we're riding gryphons, that they would glow as well. I say gryphons because they're the standby for the Alliance, and a giant drake with sparkles coming off of it would probably look pretty silly. Horde would be wind riders, unless someone can suggest a more paladin-y type mount.

Open to crits and suggestions, just wondering if anyone else might like this.

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