Best PvP & PvE Specs?

Just coming back after a few months and after searching for the forums for a bit I figured I might as well make a thread about this. At the moment, in general what is considered the...
A. Most Viable BG Spec
B. Most Viable Arena Spec
C. Highest DPS Dungeon Spec
D. Highest DPS Raid Spec
In General
A: Destro
B: Destro
C: Demo
D: All are viable depending on gear + fight, personally I find I get the best numbers with destro
Appreciate the help!
A) Destruction. Reason: Really good aoe with FnB allowing for really nice flag spinning, plus chaos bolts are perfect spike damage for targets, and destruction warlocks are some of the best RBG target callers because of chaos bolt.
B) Demo or Affliction. Reasons: Destruction's main spell Chaos Bolt is a 3/2 second cast... Have fun getting LoSed, interrupted, stunned etc... Arenas are so heavily cc reliant that against a good team you will almost never be allowed to pull off a burst chaos bolt. Demo has amazing burst which is all instant cast. Affliction has very steady pressure.
C) Demo. Although i'm not a pve player, this is normally the case from what i've seen.
D) Affliction. It is consistent, and powerful single target dps. The aoe is pretty good too. Once again, not a pve player, but this is usually the meta.
Destro is best for bg's, both random and rated
Arenas, really doesn't matter what you play, more or less depends on comp.
In dungeons, destro and demo have least ramp up time it seems, but really just pick what you like more.

In raids(, all are viable, play what you enjoy more. I get the best numbers as demo, and then destro on some fights. Sims say affliction in full BiS gear is best, but not everyone will have BiS gear. People don't really understand that just because the full heroic sims say something is best, doesn't mean it is best for you and your gear and your skill. Play what you like, you'll find you do MUCH better.

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