New to PvP, new to Frost! Help?

Hi all,

Have always played a mage, but have never tried out PvP due to my short temper >.< and from reading around, I've decided to change to Frost over Arcane.

Was just wondering if there is anyone who has some tips for begginers? I always have Ice Barrier up. So far I think i'm going okay (survivability, initial burst). I'm going with Pet Freeze > Deep Freeze > Presence of Mind > Frost Bomb > Ice Lance .... & I totally can't remember the rest while at work.

I guess any tips would be great. I've started key binding things which has helped a lot. I'm okay in RBG with a good team, keeping my distance and not having much attention on me! I still struggle under pressure. I Frost Nova and Blink away but then i'm not to sure and 1/3 times fluke it, 2/3 times die.

Sorry if I sound like a massive noob; just trying to get good!

Thanks in advance.

Kerrbie <3
Well, for starter's I'd recommend picking up Blazing Speed, Flameglow, glyph of Armors, and either Poly or Evo for the third slot.

I'm too lazy to write out much, but the absolute biggest thing you always need to think about is shatter (assuming you know what is), Frost Bomb is also your hardest hitting spell.

Ideally, every Frost bomb you let off should be shatter when it explodes and your "ideal" burst "rotation" would be something along the lines of Incanter's Ward buff -> Frost Bomb -> Ice Veins/Trinket -> Frozen Orb -> Deep -> Frost bolt -> Ice Lance -> Ice lance -> Spam your procs out from there

your "other" burst would be a frost bomb -> Bide some time or cast a Frost Bolt -> start casting a frostbolt, use Pet Nova on target midcast, hit icelance immediately. You want to time this so that your Frost Bolt, Icelance, and Frost Bomb all go off at once in your pet nova, catch me drift?

Those are the two most important things.

Keybind everything.

This is probably the most helpful thread I've come across from some pro sitting in an airport waiting for his flight. Worth a read.

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