517 12/12 hpally looking for12:30am EST+guild

Got a new job recently and no longer can raid with current guild as of next week. Looking for a new raiding guild for any day:

12:30+AM EST

12/12 exp 11/12 killed
Pull my weight. 517 ilvl. Good at my job assigned.


Looking for a progression close in experience raiding guild please.Would like a friendly raiding enviroment.

also 9/9 Gold along with 2650ish in rbgs for pvp and 2300ish arenas exp for outside of raiding. Looking for a med-high pop server preferrably. If low pop and interested would like a possible paid xfer for trial positions. Please also add sephiriya to skype if not in game and wanna get ahold of me. Thanks for considering me and good luck in you're search. :D
still looking

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