Wipes For Sale 2/13 HToT LF 1 Healer 1 Dps

Wipes for Sale

Wipes for Sale is now looking for 2 good players 1 heal and 1 dps for a core spot with in our 10 man team.

What we look for in applicants:
- Must know all the things about your class and the play style to give the most output you can do with the class.
- Have very good knowledge of each fight mechanics/awareness.
- Must have 100% raid attendance or atleast close
- Respect our guildies and other Raiders

Progression: 12/12 ToT 2/13 Heroic ToT

Raiding times:
Wednesday: 7:30pm-10:30pm Server time (GMT+10:00)
Saturday: 2pm-6pm Server time (GMT+10:00)
Sunday: 2pm-6pm Server time (GMT+10:00)

Currently recruiting(Could use any classes down below):
Holy Paladin-Mistweaver-Resto Druid

1 DPS:
Rogue-Spriest-Boomkin-Hunter-DPS DK-DPS monk-ele/Enhance sham

If Your class/spec is not on the list, Don't hesitate to apply if this raid is good for you and that you are exceptionally geared and understand your class/role.

Add me on Battletag at: Rachel#1517

About Us:
We are a Semi-Hardcore 10 man Horde guild that was formed by a group of friends in the cataclysm expansion (mid way of BWD, TOTFW and BOT raids). Our players are mainly from Australia with some players from Singapore, U.S and New Zealand.

Visit our website for applications at: www.wipesforsale.com
still looking, enjoy our new site!
still searching
LF healer!!!

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