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Okay, so being a new player of about one month I hear over and over "take SoHK out of the game". And giving it a shot I understand why. But instead of complaining when Blizzard has explained why they're keeping the achievement, I thought I'd ask for help instead.

I've read all the guides on how to do this, and managed to get the AB component done without too much struggle. There's only one problem: I get killed. Alot. I'm pretty sure it's because my gear sucks but I'm not too sure. It's hard for me to complete the acheivement when none of my attacks do any damage and I just have to *hope* I don't get attacked by a Horde while I'm chasing after the flag bearer in WG. I did four attempts of it last night, failed every time to even get close, spent most of my time in the graveyard, and got told to quit WoW. It wasn't fun.

Basically, I was just wondering if someone could tell me anything (nicely) about what I'm doing wrong? I've heard you CAN infact do this in PVE gear, but is mine too bad for that? Other people struggling with this achievement can ask questions here too. I'll just ask that everyone doesn't whine about how hard the achievement is and how blizzard could remove it here; it is not constructive for anyone. And please be nice, I'm doing this so I can get out of PVPers hair as fast as possible, and being rude will get you nowhere.

Thanks in Advance!
You could do this achievement naked, gear, skill, nothing is required just do the objective in any way possible. It's pvp there no set scenario put fourth a little effort and I'm sure you will get it. I honestly don't understand why one would need to be geared or good at pvp to click a object and or run said object to base.
In the past, if you stand in your base sometimes the other side will grab your flag and then drop it so you can "return" it. Eventually someone will take it away and then you'll have to kill him for the flag but there are achievement chasers on both sides so it could work out.

Or group queue with friends/guildies to help you get these done.

Good luck!
Horde kills me everytime I try to get the objective, no matter that I have the orphan out and point to them. That's why I mention gear; they kill me with literally no trouble even if I fight back. Guess I just have to keep trying till I get a decent group.
Or the right scenario that allows you to get your achieve.
This achievement is ridiculous. I got everyone of them done, except for the wsg. I have to wait a whole year now just to do that one thing. grrr

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