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Moon Guard
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Thank you to all the people who showed up for this event. I had a blast riding my mechano-hog from Light's Hope Chapel all the way down to Booty Bay and hope you did as well. Thank you to everyone who took screen shots who shared them with us. A special appreciation goes out to those of you who took footage and edited a video of the Ride-a-thon for our viewing pleasure. And a very very special thank you goes out to Qerrathien for taking on the Alliance side organization and communicating with me to try to herd the cats that rode with us. Last but certainly not least I must give a big thank you to my man Volkuza who has been a great friend and went Alliance side on his night elf to translate the speech I gave. Also, I have updated this post with a compiled list of screenshots and video submitted in this thread.


WoW Insider's Around Azeroth -

My own handful of pics can be found here-


Banshih did a awesome write up detailing the event accompanied with some pictures -


Saigio provided us with a great video with some good tunes of the Alliance side perspective -

And Mosul edited a video of the Horde side ride with bluegrass music -

Here's a copy of the speech I delivered at Light's Hope Chapel and Volkuza translated on his night elf. It was actually a much longer speech but I decided to cut a huge chunk of it out while I was giving it do to time constraints.

From the gates of Ahn’Qiraj, the threshold of the Black Temple, or standing defiantly before the bone chilling Icecrown Citadel, to giving no measure in any war, soldiers have fought on ever honorable, always for the people they have sworn to protect.

The fighting spirit permeates the fibers of our factions and our right to live. Today we set aside our differences, and quell our quarrels, if even only for just one day, in order to take the time in reflection upon the sacrifices made for others.

Our fallen brothers and sisters. friends who wielded weapons at our side, thunder in their eyes, fire in their hearts, whom we lost in the fight. Our family who took the tenet of “Victory or Death” to heart and gave their very lives for us. These soldiers, be they of the Horde or the Alliance fought and died for our peoples until their darkest hour, never giving in. All for the highest honor of protecting our ways of life, and making a better world for the ones they love.

Remember the sands of Silithus, and the crusade against the demons of outland. Never forget the frigid north from which no soldier returned the same after witnessing the horrors found there.

Many of us were there at the Wrath Gate where Bolvar Fordragon and Saurfang the younger stood in battle side by side, axe and sword held high bellowing the call for their soldiers to rally. In the face of monstrosities, and unnamed grotesque beings our soldiers fought on until darkness consumed them. As have many soldiers of both our factions.

Saurfang the younger met his end that day, but he came to face it for the sake of the Horde. Bolvar Fordragon faced a fate some say is perhaps worse than death, but he took on that burden for the sake of his people.

It is fighters like they who mete out our peoples' survival. We owe our very existence to those that have died defending, or carving a path through opposition for our ways of life and our continued prosperity. Those that have given their lives for us have chiseled out a place for us in this world. One where we can see our offspring grow, and our families be safe, and for this we are grateful.

A wise old orc who I befriended, before he too gave his life in battle, once told me, "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing is worth war is much worse. One who has nothing he is willing to fight for; nothing he cares more about than his own personal safety; is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free...."

Ask yourselves, "What are you willing to fight for? What is worth fighting for?" and understand that every soldier on the field of battle has their own reason for being there. Something they would die for, be they comrade or combatant you may face. So, if there must be battle, if there must be war may we at least hold a respect for those we oppose in knowing this. For they, our would be enemies, too hold strong to their notion of duty of sacrifice.

The Horde is composed of diverse people, and so too is the Alliance. From these people come those willing to fight and die for our banner. These courageous souls, each so different in heritage and background, shared the common bonds of duty and sacrifice. All of them reached a moment in which race and religion, creed and color made no difference. What remained was the pure essence of duty, and the fighting spirit of a proud, valorous people.

And in this spirit, together may we find a middle ground in which for just one day we can cease bloodshed and understand a respect for one another as fellow soldiers, as fighters for survival, as people.
This looks fun and you can expect to see us there.

As for everything else, I am happy to see that you are choosing the life of a husband and father over anything in-game. Many cuddles from me! :)
This may not be the little goblin you recall from KKL, but I had a blast with you Gith.

Your Den events made for some hilarious RP and some enjoyable socialization ICly. Enjoy your life my friend, get as much out of it as you can.
This may not be the little goblin you recall from KKL, but I had a blast with you Gith.

Your Den events made for some hilarious RP and some enjoyable socialization ICly. Enjoy your life my friend, get as much out of it as you can.

Thanks. I always had a blast with the Den of Debauchery events. The after party of this one will probably end up similarly.
Very nice, good luck bud.
This sounds like a very nice idea. I wish you all the best!
Thank you for inviting us. We'll see you there. :)

It should be fun. I'm expecting a big turn out.
I've never met you before, nor have I heard of you.

But after reading that?

*Holds fist out for a fist bump.*


You can count us in.
I got the invite and I'll be letting my guildies know. It sounds like a great idea!
I've never met you before, nor have I heard of you.

But after reading that?

*Holds fist out for a fist bump.*


You can count us in.

I'm not surprised. I doubt many Alliance know who I am anymore. My time was a bit before Qimeng Simiao came around. I am one of the former leaders of the RPPvP guild, The Kor'kron Legion on Horde side, and my character was known as Githnji "The Butcher." I've run into you a couple of times on the Isle of Thunder while doing the PvP dailies, and you are one tough cookie to fight. I recall my first encounter fighting you, it was three on three; almost got you down but I underestimated your mac truck hits.

The RP-PvP community has been a crucial component in my love of Moon Guard.

This is a wonderful idea! And I usually have Mondays off so I should be able to make it!
Oh, I remember you Gith. Way back when I had you on my RID. I believe I met you when I was in the Stormwind Royal Legion. This must've been when you were in the KKL, if I recall correctly. I was a lowbie paladin then, participating in some RP-PvP event in Redridge. We eventually ended up in Burning Steppes or Searing Gorge - one of those fiery places, at least. It was good times. I wish you the best with being a father, and husband. It's good to see you've got your priorities set straight. So, take care. Maybe we'll see you again in the future, maybe not. I'll remember you as a damn good event leader, though. /Pat - GG. It was a great run.

For the record - I'll try to make it to this event. It's the least I can do.
Despite owning a Motorcycle in real life, I've never actually gone on a Bike Ride. Fitting that my first time should be on World of Warcraft, I think, since I've been playing this game for so long. I'm looking forward to being there on the 27th.
"Tis a damn shame that yer departin', ya dirty troll."

Never really had the opportunity to RP with ya, back when I was RPing more seriously, just the occasional PvP, but twas fun all the same. Enjoy yer life! An' try not to listen to that wee voice in the dark corner o' the room.... that beckons ye back.
Expect Adira to be around.

*revs up a very loud engine in idle*
I am looking forward to seeing everyone and watching the massive gang of bikers ride off into the sunset.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone and watching the massive gang of bikers ride off into the sunset.

You all should ask Gith where he got his Hog in game.

Hint: An awesome Goblin Medical Shaman crafted it for him :3
Can't wait for this event!

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