PWD 3/13H LF Members(Social,Leveling,Raiding)


We're looking for a healer to work with our core team. We'd prefer a Holy Paladin or Mistweaver Monk We are 3/13H and progressing fairly well. Unfortunately some scheduling conflicts have put us out here looking for new members.

We'd like to invite some new faces to the guild and form new friendships. Most of us have been together 3 years or more and some of us have been raiding together since Wrath of the Lich king. Most of us are 25 an older, some are 30+ . We are looking for mature players who would like to raid regularly and can work together constructively to progress even further. We raid T-TH 7-10pm server. If you are interested, please be ilevel 502 or higher and 12/12 normal mode experience. Apply at

Also, if raiding isn't your thing and you'd like to hang out with a mature but fun group of people, please feel free /who Power Word Drunk and message one of the members in game and let us know. Several of us would like to get a Challenge mode team together. We can always suffer through dailies as well.

Personally, I've played since BC and still enjoy the game. I hope to find like minded people who still do as well. Thanks for your time and consideration.
Love this group!
Thanks Yuna, always good to run with you all as well.
Still looking for that paladin / shaman healer that would like to join us.
We downed Heroic Horridon this week in just 21 total attempts. It was a great week. Oh and because people have jobs that suck, we're recruiting a Mistweaver monk and a Holy Paladin with similar experience. Preferably 515 ilevel or higher.
Bumpin this shiz yo
Bump for recruitment!

And thanks Yuna and the other members of paradigm for helping with Sha the other night. :)
Hi again

Bump! Always in need of exceptional raiders.

Bye again

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