Moving to Proudmoore

It's time we escape the black hole that is Deadwood, er, I mean Duskwood and go to where the action (and people) seem to be.

494 Holy/Disc Priest and 481 SPriest. We're both experienced raiders but, sadly, not so much with MoP content. We're looking for a casual yet consistent raiding guild that understand 'family first' that raids in the 7PM ST time frame (days are negotiable). We both enjoy having fun and being part of a cohesive group yet can be focused when it's time to get down to business. We are a package deal.

We hope to find the right group of people to have FUN with. Interested parties can reply here or our battletags romanoutlaw#1169 or Länie#1206 (alt 132 for the ä).

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