Recruiting for 10man just starting ToT

I'm currently recruiting to fill out a 10 man raid that will raid on Tues/Fri 8-11pm server and occasionally we may add Mon.. As the title suggests we are just starting Throne of Thunder and are looking for a few new players to fill out our ranks.

We are currently in need of:
1 healer (shaman or monk)

We are looking for people who:
-want to consistently show up and work on our progression
-want to get better
-have 495+ gear to show you've actually worked on your toon a little
-know how to play your toon and provide reasonable dps/heals

This is a good opportunity for people who are behind the progression curve and want to have a chance to earn their way and not have kills handed to them. It's not for everyone and will require some patience, but hopefully is well worth it for everyone involved.

Please contact me in game if interested on Bubblebee or battle tag Sypher#1603.

(Note: The main raid in High Treason is a 25man. Any progression you look up will be theirs. I am recruiting only for the 10man. We are just starting out.)

Edit: The raid days were changed to Tue/Fri due to some schedule conflicts.
i may be looking to switch groups on my war and i know a mage who will come with. just one thing would are set on the days? monday is very bad day
Tues and Thurs are probably set days.
Monday we could be swayed to change. We debated between Mon, Wed or Sun. for the third day.
i am interested in joining i can tank or dps 499 tank ~ 499 fury i know a good frost mage as well and a dk tank/hunter my group is currently having issue with attendance. how is yours? i am slaveknight btw
spoke to some 1 in your group i dont know if he was aware of this group or this info is wrong was posting up differnt times ? any word on that ? also i added ur tag
Updated needs. Only need a healer now (shaman or monk).

As far as the times, they are correct in the original post, although they were edited recently to Tue/Fri.

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