Warlock Green Fire Quest (SO NOT WORTH IT)

Blizz either please nerf this scenario or set an item level limit. Also the encounter is bugged as heck so that needs to be fixed as well. This is a prime example of another wonderful half-baked dev idea gone to crap.
it's supposed to be (very) hard. No point in making 'special' green fire if everyone has it.
Wasn't all that bad. I rather enjoyed the challenge.
I enjoy a challenge as much as the next person. I remember when Assassinate Creed caused me a world of pain and I was ready to smash my head in but I did eventually kill him. And I have enjoyed the fruits of my labor as far as that was concerned two amazing blades that would eventually become the fangs of the father.

And while I am myself currently working on the green fire quest myself a bit here a bit there. I will admit I am not the best warlock and my gear could definitely use some upgrading for the most part this entire scenario was very boring and tedious.

Sure the little Rp elements were interesting. I particularly enjoyed asking my demons about the tome. And having my imp pop out and talk me in to plundering the temple was great but overall..just boring and to make an already boring chore even more lengthy they tack on one of the most annoying enemies I have ever faced at the end. I have not yet managed to kill the final boss and honestly I probably won't be able to until I am far over geared to the quest or perhaps even next expansion.

So the way I see it. All warlocks will inevitably get the green fire at least those who have an interest in it. So whether blizz makes the encounter a little more forgiving for less skilled players such as myself or others. Or the players eventually overcome the difficulty through means of gear or the obvious level increase and far better gear that will come next expansion. It will happen.

Sure I would love to have my green fire now. But if I have to wait a while longer until my gear improves it won't kill me. So technically if we all can just take a breath and calm down. A scenario 'nerf' will happen. Perhaps not in the way you or I would personally like but through the passage of time where all other old content gets tossed.

After all there was a time when Molten Core used to have people kicking and screaming and now it can be soloed. So just give it time. Allow the players more skilled to enjoy themselves without starting a war over the forums and in time all locks who covet the all beautiful jade flame of warlocky goodness will be able to smash Kanrethad Ebonlocke just as I continue to enjoy thrashing poor old Ragnaros on a weekly basis on my paladin hoping he'll someday drop the eye of Sulfuras..
Kind of a weird post for a server forum.
I'm happy to see another class cry hard about some class specific quest, after having done numerous vanilla hunter/priest class quests for people.

sadly this isnt the hardest thing i have ever atemped in wow personaly i hope that thay scale it as you lv and gear keeping at as some ting hard to do
nice blog
sadly this isnt the hardest thing i have ever atemped in wow personaly i hope that thay scale it as you lv and gear keeping at as some ting hard to do

I also hope they do this. ^

It was a challenging quest but so worth it, the green fire is SO PURDY!

There are a lot of helpful strat videos out there if people need additional help. This quest really does push how well you know and play your class...but that's the point.
If they sold green fire at a trainer then everyone would have it. Kinda like the Dreadsteed -_-
As a Summoner in FFXI that got a lot of my avatars in solo level cap fights I am excited to test this fight against my elite skills I got from playing FFXI during the hardcore years.

I feel bad for you easy mode WoW players though, it must be tough being casuals.
I highly disagree. It's supposed to be a status thing. If you got the green fire, you know how to play your class. It was incredibly frustrating but in the end when I got it I felt really good about myself as a warlock. It was incredibly challenging but it's worth it in the end =D Especially now that my fire matches my transmog ^_^
I did it with 484 ilvl and I hope they never nerf it. I spent 2k in repairs and a total of 14 hours in flask time. Suck it up and learn the fight, sometimes people can't be there to carry you. /endrant
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