(A) <HAx10> is recruiting (WPvP/PvP)

Bleeding Hollow
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<HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA> is now recruiting all avid PvPers.
  • Promotions, guild repairs and increased levels of responsibility for active and dedicated members.
  • We are interested in players that have a good understanding of their class.
  • We believe that WPvP is all about outplaying your opponents, not being spoonfed instructions.
  • You will not be micromanaged and will become a better player because of it.
  • What sets <HAx10> apart from other WPvP oriented Alliance guilds?
  • Our core members have been playing together for years and have great synergy.
  • Our leadership has led numerous; large scale PvP battles as well as successful guilds.
  • We are willing to work with other faction members, not against them.
  • We are out there, earning our stripes, daily.
  • Contact Elias, Holyhell, Lovely, Melonsoda, Orion, Rekrap, Sassiness, or Vass for invite.
    New toon, new thread.
    Where's Rocky and Mr T
    Crazy bump
    04/26/2013 02:59 PMPosted by Apollo
    Our leadership has led numerous; large scale PvP battles

    If I don't get credit, you don't get credit!
    You ain't got it like me doe
    Must ... get ... to ... 80
    Orion the Astral Walker and Apollo, Herald of the Titans gogo!
    Are you two gonna have matching xmogs and hair? You got the same face.


    \m/ (>.<) \m/
    ur late to the party baby ;)
    Imma catch you
    Missed a connecting flight point from SW to WPL ughhh
    I've got my disc on some crap server doing nothing siting at 85 maybe ill move it over here since leveling takes like no time at all with monkey runs and all.

    Dew u guyz wunt a heela? I no,s how 2 playz da gamee
    Yeah, hit up Eli or Elias.

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