Why Heart-Strike over Blood Boil??

Death Knight
Hey there,

New Blood Tank here trying to solidify my rotation, I just had one question about it.

Right now I am a level 66 and am talented to spread my frost fever when using Blood Boil. As of right now my Blood Boil does double the AOE damage as my Heart-Strike as well as spreading my DoT, but everyone is insisting I use Heart Strike instead. Will the damage for Heart Strike soon overpower my blood boil once I get better weapons or am I missing another point to using it?

Damage on abilities scale better at end game. Especially BB and HS. Until about wrath/cata, BB will always do more single target damage. At end game, <3 targets, BB will only do more damage than HS if you have an insane amount of vengeance. Theres no problem with using BB until things start to scale better.
Blood Boil for my 80 DK hit harder (on both single target and especially multi-targets) than Heart Strike until I got an ilevel 409 2 hand weapon.

It scales incredibly well at low levels.

The in-game recommendations for "Core Abilities" are very misleading at low levels. Blood Boil is not mentioned as a Core Ability for any spec, yet it hits harder than any the skills listed at low levels.

For Frost spec, the Death Siphon talent (available at level 60) costs one death rune, hits even harder than Blood Boil on a single target and heals you for 150% of the damage. Death Siphon isn't mentioned as a Core Ability either.

On my 66 Frost DK, Blood Boil hits for 2750 on a single, diseased target while Death Siphon hits for 3687 and heals me for 150% of that.
It scales incredibly well at low levels.

More like it doesn't and its just broken at low levels, since those abilities won't produce the same results that 'core abilities' will end-game.

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