Solo leveling lowbie:Spirit Healer sick of me

Hi there. I am leveling my second Mage, and my first one solo. (Duo'ed with hubby's priest first time around in Wrath, made it too easy). I started out as Arcane because that's the main rotation I know. I switched from Arcane to Fire when I started dying a lot. Still visiting the spirit healer too much for my tastes. At these low levels, I don't have much AOE, I'm either freezing or sleeping mobs of two or more and doing lots of blinking. My BoAs are on another realm, so I'm "roughing it" for gear. I am working on Loremaster, so my next area, the Badlands, is full of multiple adds ready to pounce on me. I guess my question, basically, is any tips for solo leveling a fire Mage at low levels? Or should I give up and go frost? (BTW, I miss arcane. But, things do die faster in Fire)
Frost is better than both specs for questing.
Yeah, Frost is, by far, our best leveling spec. It does decent damage but the survival and control elements are where it shines. It's also an extremely efficient spec with little downtime. I find I only need to eat every 5 to 10 fights or so and that's, mainly, to replenish incidental damage.
I'm either freezing or sleeping mobs of two or more and doing lots of blinking

To be honest, you shouldn't really be pulling multiple mobs at low level. If there's 2 mobs close together, try sheeping one.
Frost is better. Its generally pretty rough until 30 because of ice barrier or temp shield. A strategy I used once I had both blazing speed & frost nova was nova then instantly blazing speed away to gain some distance, then pyroblast for the rest of nova's duration.

It gets better as fire leveling trust me. I'm 70 almost 71 as I type this and my crit is at 29%, with critical mass that puts my fire spells at around 35% crit. I consistently get pyroblast procs with & without inferno blast. Its pretty stale until you get scorch, then from scorch its pretty stale I imagine until 75 & 77. I'm pretty excited to at least get combustion & then on should be a breeze.

But yes its rough, if you can't handle it go frost like the others said. You get 2 frost novas (one from you and one from your pet) and at 45 you can choice shatter which basically gives you a half duration nova when they hit you which grants you 3 novas. Ice lance fer dais.
I leveled as Arcane but that was the end of Wrath. I found that the talent that applied slow on my blast helped a lot. I've noticed its a glyph now. If you have that glyphed, the thing you are blasting should probably never reach you and you'll burn it in a few blasts.

I liked leveling arcane because you could burst your target down if you needed by spamming extra arcane blasts since at 4 stacks they do a lot of damage.

However, if you find yourself dying and don't like it you can play frost. I don't have that much fun playing frost so I found other ways, but it has survivability :-/
If you like to muck around CCing everything and hoping to face 1 target at a time then by all means play arcane. If you don't mind running around kiting mobs for years then play fire. If you just want to blow up groups of mobs with ease then play frost.

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