@ Drow

<Genome Project> Recruiting all Gnomes. We are 0/12 ToT normal progression. Feel free to email me in game. Pandae#1998. We will be top 100 US 25m Progression guild.

We will refuse to go to 10m's unlike some guilds. 10m is for the cats meow's.

Let me know if youre willing to race change and transfer to moonguard, we are on our way for server first if we get 13/13H

Ya'll just jelly you didnt get in game mail
Me llamo Grammaton,

Yo soy muy enojado.
Parfois, j'aime me dire que je suis bon
Pero, Realmente no estoy.

I like linking parses of myself. Isnt it fun! to see number!

nous jouons 7 jours par semaine
y estamos a sólo 4/13.
time to bust out the old recruitment macro and start spamming in-game mails...SPAM INC!
lu2 pandae
I'm the GM of Drow, Johnish is my recruitment officer. He does an excellent job at it and part of that is actively seeking out players who might be interested. He might send a single ingame mail giving details about our guild and contact info to a select few who meet our criteria to see if someone might be interested in raiding with us, but a simple no thank you or non-response ends that conversation. Nobody is getting hounded down or spammed by us as a general rule.

He doesn't "spam people from alts for hours on end," which would in fact be a violation of our guild code of conduct. If someone is doing that to you claiming to be from my guild I'd like to hear about it since they're either violating our rules or attempting to impersonate us. I can also say that I haven't sent out a single ingame mail on Stormreaver, nor have I given my RealID out to anyone who didn't ask me for it first, so I'd love to see who's trying to impersonate me.

I'll directly quote a portion of our guild code of conduct here,

"Drow is a professional raiding guild whose number one priority is PvE raiding.

I expect every member of my guild to act with honor and integrity. I expect you to set a good example for the other players on our server and on our forums.

You are not to do anything that will embarrass the professional image of this guild and its members. Our actions as a guild will speak for us.

Stay out of trade banter and stay out of forum troll debates.

There is no grey area in the way I expect you to conduct yourselves. "

If you see someone with a <Drow> tag on Stormreaver violating those rules, you can feel free to contact me personally and I promise to look into it.

As far as actively recruiting the best talent we can find, I won't obfuscate or equivocate and just say that we do so, along with every other guild that has ever been a top 20 25-man in the world, but if your raiders are happy where they are right now then I highly doubt a single ingame mail is going to change their mind. Some raiders on this server have also actively sought us out already and we're not about to turn away talent who's actively interested in joining our team. It would be irresponsible of me as a GM to do so.

So far the response I've seen here personally has been very welcoming and we hope to be an active part of the Stormreaver community from here on, so I wanted to personally be the one to address this and let you know what's going on, how we operate, and what kind of raid team I lead. Thanks for reading and I'll see everyone around.

Lol, I like how after his post everyone calms down. His attempt to put the record straight is one big advertisement for his guild. Clever boy.

I like this guy already. He seems like the type of bad guy in the movies that works in secret telling his people to do underhanded deeds and when confronted, puts on an aura of integrity that disarms the public. Well done sir... your Jedi mind trick will work out well with this weak minded server.
Take care of your guild, and you have nothing to worry about. I'm just glad to see another 25man raiding guild on this server.
Simply put - screen shot or it didn't happen

Where are the SS of these spam/harassment messages?
more importantly, why didnt i get a mail! =(
more importantly, why didnt i get a mail! =(

they are scared of hunters
If your guildmates are flaky enough to give into "spamming" as a recruiting mechanism, don't you feel like you're better off without them anyways?... If there was any actual foul play and harassment, it could be shut down by blocking and/or reporting.
:P Dog eat dog world. It's just how things work. In real life and in this digital world.

A guild is a tribe and that tribe has to put itself first.
They raid at a top level. The percentage of players who can play at that level are also small.
If they didn't hit up every means possible then their success would be limited.


Haters gonna hate but it is what it is. Focus on what you do in your guilds and setup a solid organization where people want to be in it and you will have no fears.

im gonna have to agree with cyberthug on this one tho ...it is good to see another 25m guild on this server that is not a joke.
Can i have the movie rights?
Envyadams, I love your tmog. Stylish, sexy, and not scandalous.
Where's my email???

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