Cross-Realm RP?

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At current as one can see I'm on a pvp server, not an RP/RPpvp server, I am really interested in starting PR with my mage, but dont currently have the funds to put him on emerald dream, wondering if anyone does cross realm rp via battlenet real friends, it'd be real helpful to me. I would reroll my mage, but ive had this guy since mid vanilla, cant just reroll that :)
I've had crz rp in the wild several times.

Not every server is a massive douche about crz.
It isn't the douche bags that make cross realm rp difficult, you can still avoid them and ignore them, its the mechanics of it that make it hard. The lack of MRP, the inability to trade items, the dismounting off of flying two seater mounts, as well as phasing from one zone to another sometimes gets you lost. Also you never know which realm you will end up on. It seems to be rather capricious on that.

And yes it is better to roll on the server you are investigating and check it out thoroughly before transferring.
I simply sent people a tell saying I could give them a summary of my MRP stuff if they wanted. We exchanged info summaries via tells and it worked just fine.
I was an undead before belf
I would Cross-Realm RP with you. I've done it before, and it can be fun. You can RP over chat and quest at the same time.
I would cross-realm with the OP as well, but I am not sure what kind of mischief two belf mages (and maybe my dualboxed warlock) would get into. As I tend towards comedy things would probably get silly.

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