1/13H Reroll lf Tues-Thurs raiding guild!

Hello Sargeras!

As the title states I am rerolling here as Alliance and willing to play whatever class/spec your guild may need! This is a completely new account (Recruit a Friend) but I assure you I have extensive heroic raiding experience in this expansion as well as previous expansions. I have experience playing MOST healing classes as well as Feral/Guardian Druid, Warlock, Blood DK, Holy Paladin, Disc/Shadow Priest, and Resto/Ele Shaman in heroic raid content. The ONLY thing holding me back at the moment, aside from the short time it takes to level, would be gear restrictions starting out (I am a big fan of OpenRaid and use it often).

If you think your guild would have the time/patience to work with me while I get leveled up and obtain whatever gear requirements you may have for current content then please add me or message me in game. I can assure you that I am not out to waste your time and that I would be a great asset to your raiding team once getting settled in here!

RealID - Memphis#1845

*NOTE* - If you have questions about my previous raiding experience and want proof of achievements just add me and I will link you all armories and even provide references if needed!
Added you to RealID, but myself and 4 of my friends decided to reroll and form our own guild here this past week. We aren't having a specific reroll date we have been leveling at our own pace expecting to have our first real raid in about 3 weeks.

All five of us have extensive end game raiding experience going all the way back to Vanilla in Naxx 40. We are planing on running one solid 10 man guild with a tight knit group.

Like I mentioned I added you to realID hop to talk with you soon.
Welcome to Sargeras
NI just xfered to Sargeras and looking to move from a 10 to a 25man format so were recruiting about everything atm. We used to be on Detheroc and left due to lack of people recruit was hurting our progression. We are 9/12 at the moment and we have a very solid core roster of people who have been raiding together for years. We raid tues-thurs at 6:45-11server or Central Time. If your interested you can apply at http://niguild.net/

For more info you can pst Keywielder, Forad, Mauritania, Skullshade, or Tigertails
(you can contact me as well but im not an officer)

The level time and gear will not be an issue for us; gear can easily be replaced, a good player is hard to find.

Also welcome to Sargeras!!

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