Why do quest mobs take forever to respawn?

Blizzard, I'm levelling a lowbie alt. Need to loot Ghoul Ribs off zombies near Darkshire.

Can you please explain to me why, after 8 years, is there still quest mobs in this game with a SLOW RESPAWN RATE??????????????????????????????????

Why? What is the purpose of making certain mobs respawn so slowly? People have argued and commented that it's to stop botters from AFK farming quick respawning mobs. Uhhh... okay. If that's true, then why not just REMOVE all vendor items from these mobs? I would much rather watch mobs respawn every 10 seconds and drop no vendor loot than mobs who respawn every 60 seconds and have 1 copper to 3 silver worth of vendor trash on their corpses!

Please don't tell me: "Which quest has a slow mob respawn rate?" because it doesn't matter! I encounter these kinda quests and mobs once every 10 to 50 quests and what irritates me is the fact that such a thing still exists in the WoW game engine! These mobs need to be hard coded in the WoW engine to respawn at least every 10 seconds!

Reduce their item drop rate! I don't care! I just want to complete my quest rather than waste my time standing around for 5 to 10 minutes waiting for stuff to respawn because there's another player i'm trying to compete with!

oh and... don't even dare say: "Well just group with that player" because Quest Loot items are not shared! If you group with another player and kill a mob, the quest loot item will only appear for 1 player at a time! So in the end, it comes up to the same thing! Group or not group, it's gonna take longer to complete my quest if there's 1 or more players doing the same quest as me!

All this loot drama and tag stealing and anger towards one another could all be avoid if quest mobs are hard coded in the engine to respawn quickly.

Please fix this Blizzard. I shouldn't be crossing quests with slow respawn rate mobs after 8 years!
If you're the only one in the area killing those mobs, the respawn rate will be slow. Lowbies aren't expected to wtfpwn everything in the zone in seconds (lol heirlooms?).

Queue for PvP/dungeons? Catch some pets while you're waiting? Or pick some flowers or bonk rocks for ore. Or dig in the ground for Archaeology. There are multiple ways to get XP while waiting for slow spawns.
No, you really don't want mobs respawning in 10 seconds.

What will happen then is that you will spend all your time dead because they respawn right on top of you and then they all gang up and wtfpwn you. There are a few points in the game where this happens.

This also prevents you from completing your quest...
There are a few points in the game where this happens.

Yeah, you end up killing WAY more than your 10 mobs cuz you can't get back to the quest giver without fighting your way out of the cave that respawned behind you. Very annoying when this happens. Yeah, yeah more XP but gimme a break, I'm done with the quest!

Patience OP, you don't want the alternative.
I played GW2 for a while, which had the fast respawn rate you seem to want. Mining nodes as an example could be a chore in places and sometimes impossible, as this would happen:

1. Just as you kill the mob by the node, the one you killed 2 mobs ago respawns and aggros
2. By the time you kill the respawn, the 2nd to last mob you killed has respawned and aggros
3. By the time you kill the latest respawn, the mob on top of the node respawns and aggros
4. Endless cycle ensues until you give up and leave

WoW is a little more roflstomp than GW2, but nevertheless a too-fast respawn rate causes as many problems as it ostensibly solves.
but boss mobs should respawn faster that is a huge problem in this game as you wait up to 5 minutes or more waiting then three other people are waiting on weekends and it is a train wreck if there are move people in the zone let the boss mob spawn faster that is a no brainer blizzard suprises me sometimes since so many of their staff play the game you think they would figure this out
This conversation was over three years ago.
Blizzard recently announced a move to improve questing.
The 1-20 areas are being revamped and many of the boss quest mobs are now multi tag.

Old threads often contain outdated info.

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