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Looking for more twinks to do arena with on alliance jubei'thos. I'm a good player and both my 80's are close to completion.

Basically what I want is to find more people who are interested in twink arenas and premades and to maybe even start a guild.

Add Me if you're a twink or interested in it.


My twinks include:
80 fury warrior
80 disc/shadow priest

Soon to include:
85 rogue
85 boomy/resto
And maybe a 70 or two.
Have you started a guild? I have a lvl 10 guild and I am interested in twinking, I don't have any per-se, but would be keen to lvl one to see how twinking is at lvl 70. So far, I have twinked at lvl 20 and is fun. I have way to many chars to list, but contact this char if still keen.
i got a 70 mage and 80 warlock, add me crazy, lukemorgan#1518,

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