Crisp Raid Sales: T14 Edition

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! Crisp is back at it with raid sales, looking to bolster our coffers as this expansion plays out. All profits and proceeds from this raids will be used to buy malt liquor.... I mean flask! Yeah... flasks... but regardless.

Heroic Sha of Fear: 350k

Heroic Will of the Emperor: 250k

Both T14 Heroic Titles: 550k (May require two raid nights)

Full T14 Heroic Clear: 700k

T14 Achievement packages: 1M (Includes all heroic kills and will require 2-3 raid lockouts)

What's that? Challenge modes?! Yes, we do gold challenge mode carries for those of you who feel current raid gear isn't cool enough (personally I agree).

When will these runs be held? Most runs will take place on Fridays and will start at 7:30 PM (-6GMT, Central US). This is also open for discussion and can be changed to suit your needs.

For further information towards scheduling a run, prices, and run options feel free to contact me.

in-game @ WhatMyBucket#1562 or by in-game mail Florise

Skype: Floorise

Not sure about buying a run? Feel free to watch one of our many Twitch.TV live streams!

Enh sham: Twitch.TV/BayTLM <-- most frequent streamer!
Feral dps: Twitch.TV/WhatsMyBuckets

Mage: Twitch.TV/Infruuno
Moonkin: Twitch.TV/Moonstra

Coming soon.... maybe... not sure >.>;

All prices are subject to change.
Ummmm sir?

Will you honor my coupon from a leading competitor?
I will carry you on my broad female dwarf shoulders.
Ummmm sir?

Will you honor my coupon from a leading competitor?

>:| Ma'am to you... and no. <3
I get a discount cause I named my cinderkitten after you, right? <3

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