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Area 52
We are currently looking for a tank (pally) and heals (druid/ monk). All raiders with experience who know their class are encouraged to apply. Raid times are Sat and Sun 6-9 pm server time. Contact any guildy in game for an invite.
We are in need of an offtank for core raiding spot. Preferably, we would like to have a prot pally but are willing to consider other tank spec's who are experienced raiders. No experience in ToT norms are required. Just experience as a raid tank that knows their class and can deal WELL with mechanics. Must have item level 490+ min or able to reach by this weekend.

Our core group is mostly composed of people who have been playing this game for a long time with a lot of raiding experience under their belts. We are a very patient, drama-free, non-elitist attitude, mature group (25+ and older) looking for another permanent member to have fun with while we progress through ToT.

Loot - need before greed rolls.

If interested in our guild or raid team, pst, send mail to malestrom, soulzpriest, spãz (alt 0227), or contact anyone in guild and they will be able to get officer/gm for you.

Thanks for reading and happy raiding! :)

Looking for full-time raid healer with dps OS. Preferably, shammy or monk. Willing to consider other Healing specs with dps OS that can make our raid times/days which are Sat/Sun 6-9pm.
Contact GM/Officer in game for more info or leave post here. Thank you for your interest :)

Malestrom - GM
Spãz (alt 0227) - Officer
Soulzpriest - Officer

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