LFM Raiders!!

<Ragtag Band of Heroes> is an active lvl 25 guild accepting all lvls and classes. We are also on the lookout for mature, friendly raiders. Our guild is newer to raiding so we prefer people that would fit in with our friendly, learning atmosphere :) We have gotten through MSV so far and are about to get started on HoF. If anyone is interested in more information my battletag is Lyn#1143. Feel free to pst me in game anytime i'm on! :) Thanks for reading this and Happy Gaming everyone! :D
pst me in game if you can please, very interested
Also forgot to add that the people joining for the raid team. Please be reliable :) ty
I'm a 473 rogue with tons of experience looking to grow with a guild starting with tier 14 content
Would you guys take in a quickly leveling Warlock that just got back into WoW? :)

I am transferring to Stormrage here very soon...
Of course!! You can message me in game if you want. My battletag is Lyn#1143. Usually am on and off throughout the day and on more steadily in the evenings :)

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